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Skull and elephant tattoo examples on women's legs. Skull and elephant tattoo examples on women's legs.

The Most Realistic, Long Lasting, Custom Temporary Tattoos!

Transform ANY picture into a tattoo!

  • " ...I have used a few other tat businesses, you guys have BY FAR the BEST quality. I will NEVER use another tat site again! Thank you for such awesome work. It has made my art look better then ever!

    Elizabeth A Bennett

  • " ...they look amazing. I am going to get the real thing but I wanted to see how they would look first. Thanks so much and I'm sure I'll be ordering again and telling my friends what great work you do.

    Michelle Reed

  • " The tattoos were a hit. I will be sending a request for another design in the near future of one I may get for real. Thank you for not only your product, but also your customer service! Amazing!

    Bob Weston

  • " ...i was a little skeptical ordering through you guys because it was so cheap, but it was actually amazing! I've only had the temporary tattoo on for a few days and i absolutely love it!

    Hannah Dighton

  • " You are the absolute best!! It looks so perfect!! It has been such a pleasure to work with you and we will definitely be ordering in the future!! Thank you again so so much!!

    Jamie Smith

  • " Thank you so so much for being amazing! I just put on my first one and it looks incredible!!! I would have never guessed it would look this real and this identical to the image I uploaded.

    Albert J. Rodenius

How It Works

Step 1

Choose one of our tattoo designs or upload your own

Step 2

Customize your tattoo by size, special edits, and quantity

Step 3

We ship out your custom temporary tattoos the very next day.

You're going to love our custom, realistic, long-lasting temporary tattoos.

Featured Long Lasting Tattoos

    Black Ink Lotus
    Cherie, the Violin
    Continuous Line Tulip
    Graceful Sound
    Mystical Floral Eye
    Nancy, the Cherry Blossom
    Royalty, the Dreamcatcher

Create Realistic Temporary Tattoos - Easy To Customize & Remove

Say goodbye to lackluster stickers that barely stay put – our revolutionary approach to custom temporary tattoos ensures we’re on a different level. Imagine custom long-lasting temporary tattoos that mimic the authenticity of real inked art minus the commitment. Backed by the movie and film industry, we know we’re doing something right!

Gone are the days of being confined to predetermined sizes, boring tattoo designs, or limited color choices. Tattapic offers a wide variety of designs, but the true magic lies in customization. Our tattoos are the epitome of realism; even tattoo artists can be fooled by their lifelike appearance.

Thanks to our proprietary technology, these tattoos fuse seamlessly with your skin in seconds. From intricate monochrome designs to vibrant multicolor creations, we cater to your every whim. You can even "TATToo Any PICture" by sharing your image and specifications with our adept designers.

Whether you're test-driving tattoo ideas or setting trends, Tattapic is perfect for every occasion. Our tattoos are water, sweat, and rub resistant, ensuring they can stay put for upwards a week. Yet, removing them is a breeze - a touch of baby oil, conditioner, or soap followed by gentle scrubbing, and your canvas is ready for new art.

Bulk Orders and Wholesale Options Available

Aside from our actual tattoos, one of the things we pride ourselves on is that we never force you to order a minimum quantity like everyone else does. However, if you’re looking for larger wholesale custom temporary tattoo orders, you’ve come to the right place. With a track record of producing top-tier temporary tattoos, we’ve been delivering hundreds of thousands of these high quality creations for years.

Whether you're orchestrating giveaways or charity events or seeking eye-catching additions to your employee gatherings and promotional campaigns, our custom long-lasting temporary tattoos are designed to make a profound and enduring impact. 

But the scope doesn't end there – bulk orders aren't confined to corporate contexts alone. Our custom realistic temporary tattoos are also popular choices for personal celebrations like parties and weddings, where they infuse an extra dose of excitement and individuality.

For those in the business realm, resellers and shop owners stand to benefit immensely from incorporating custom temporary tattoos into their product line. Don't miss out on the opportunity to explore the world of bulk custom temporary tattoos and unlock a realm of creativity and innovation with Tattapic.

Frequently Asked Questions

Unlike others out there, no ink EVER touches your skin! All of our products and materials we provide are 100% safe. All of our tattoos are non-toxic and FDA compliant.
Our realistic temporary tattoos are not absorbed into the skin. Rather, they sit on top of it. For this reason, a few things effect how long they last. Some people shed more skin than others. Placement, friction, and body hair can also play a role in the life span of the tattoo.
Our tattoos last 2-4 days. However, we routinely experience things lasting longer. With proper care, we have seen tattoos stay intact for upwards one week!
This is a two part answer. First, our proprietary materials, along with our unique production process in creating all of your tattoos, is unrivaled. Don't let anyone else fool you, they don't even come close. Our tattoos adhere and eventually fuse to your skin, becoming one with it, until you want to take them off. They also have undergone a variety of tests, and are resistant to sweat, water, and rubbing.
The second part to this answer lies in our Tatt Be Real® Potion. With it, your temporary tattoos become real. It is the secret behind the authenticity of your tattoo. A very thin layer, will make it appear as if it was needled in like the real thing, without the pain, cost, or commitment.
Not a problem! We actually have customers that buy our custom tattoos by the thousands. The TV and film industry, sporting teams, schools, charities, promotional companies, and many more use our services for bulk purposes.
Please check out our wholesale page to tell us more about your needs.

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