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We believe that product quality and genuine customer care are at the forefront of everything we are about. In this day and age, when everything seen online is filtered, photoshopped, and fabricated, we strive to stay true.

Our Story

Image depicting Tattapic team sitting at a desk.

In the summer of 2015, Sam and Ripsy wanted to get their first real tattoos, however, for these first timers, they just couldn't get themselves to commit. Because they needed to be 100% before they committed to something permanent, they thought a temporary tattoo option would be the perfect solution. Unfortunately, a good option just simply didn't exist; there wasn't a real viable custom temporary tattoo option around, and for those that existed, they either had minimum order quantities that forced you to order hundreds of tattoos at a time, or they simply didn’t have enough designs to choose from. 

Named after their slogan, "TATToo Any PICture", this was how Tattapic was born! Sam and Ripsy wanted to create something quick and simple, so that everyone had the freedom to customize and test-drive their tattoos however they liked. The best part? With every incredible product and service that they created, they also built a team that treats their customers with kindness and the utmost respect! Their revolutionary materials, ink, printing processes, and secret solution, make their tattoos the most realistic custom temporary tattoos on the market, and they couldn’t be any more proud!

Meet Our Team

Image of Imani H.

Imani Harris

Social Media Coordinator

Besides my friends and family, I love two things in life: Key lime pie and buying endless makeup from Sephora! Key lime pie is sooo good! And, makeup? Well, makeup changed everything for me. It taught me how to cover up my imperfections, while it ALSO taught me how to highlight my natural beauty. I’ve come to learn that enhancing what I already have is a lot easier than hiding what I don’t like. Plus, if I “play up” the features that I enjoy the most (my eyes, for example), then it really allows my natural beauty to shine through.
Image of Carlo A.

Carlo Aquino

Graphic Designer

Growing up, I always felt like I was different from others. I was that funny kid in class; never taking things too seriously, and always wanting people around me to have a great time! Fast forward to today, not much has changed. I say, “That’s what she said.” way too often, and I still want people around me to always be happy!
Image of Agustin R.

Agustin Rivas

Operations Manager

I’ve been playing and watching sports since the age of five! I like that it’s not scripted and it’s not predictable. It’s competitive! Something about watching athletes push themselves to be the best at their sport, is incredible to me. It’s the same reason why I enjoy watching spelling bees, chess matches, or anything else where people are competing to be the best.
Image of Carly R.

Carly Russo

Graphic Designer

At first glance, I probably appear to be a pudgy suburban, spoiled, pampered, never exposed to or experienced much of the “real” hardships, “princess”- but, surface appearances can be deceiving! I’ve had far more diverse experiences and hardships than one could ever expect. I don’t blame anyone for not knowing. I’m a very quiet girl. In fact, I rarely get offended. Changing people’s perception is far more beautiful and liberating to me, than showing them that I’ve been affected by it!
Image of Anissa K.

Anissa Katz

Marketing Manager

I care deeply about anything that catches my interest, and I believe that kindness should be taken into account with all actions and words. Yes, life throws unexpected curve balls our way, and hardships come in many forms, however, with kindness, we can rise and tap into a strength that we never knew existed; It’s the secret ingredient that makes life worth living!
Image of Leo O.

Leo O’Connor

Media Production Manager

I love reading and learning new words! Reading was my first hobby and escape from things as a child. I remember during the summer, at each of my grandmother’s houses, I would sometimes hide in the garden or the guest room with a book. I didn’t want to be around others. I just wanted to read. Something about it fed my mind, kept my brain happy, and helped me recover a state of peace and coziness.
Image of Sam B.

Sam B.

CEO and Founder

I’ve always been the quiet guy. I’m not anti-social, just quiet. In fact, when I meet someone cool, I can sit and talk for hours. However, outside of those rare occasions, you’ll most likely find me working. I can work from anywhere: in the office, local coffee shop, on the floor of my living room... you name it! And, when I’m not busy with work, I’m reading, working out, or watching a good film.
Image of Ripsy B.

Ripsy B.

CO Founder

I’ve been creating art as long as I can remember! It’s possibly the best way through which I can give a shape to my thoughts, and though I love drawing, my kind of art doesn’t necessarily involve crayons and paint brushes. I write and perform spoken-word poetry, dance Bachata, and respect any imagination that shares its’ experience with our world.

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