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We actually quality check every order BEFORE beginning the process to transform your picture into a tattoo. If we think things aren't going to look 100% perfect, we will get in touch to work it out. To save you time, we put together this little guide to help you understand what you should expect and what you should try and avoid.

White Colors In Your Design

Unless you are ordering in bulk, anything that is of the color white in your design will actually NOT be printed on your resulting tattoo.  Whatever is actually pure white in your design, will end up being transparent once the tattoo is applied.  In other words, your skin will show for all the parts of the design that are pure white.  There are cases where having the skin show through is actually desirable, however. Unless this is the case, tattoos like below should be avoided:
White Chrysanthemum

For those ordering in bulk, this rule will not apply.  Bulk orders go through an entirely different production process, where white colors will actually be fully printed (if you choose them to be).


Designs that are curved or wrapped around should usually be avoided, unless you want your tattoo to also have the same wrapped look, which usually isn't the case. For example, if you just want your tattoo to be the "Coca-Cola" text from this image, some of the letters are going to be cut off, just like the picture.
Non-Flat (Curved) Coke Can

Of High Resolution

Going from something small to big can deteriorate tattoo quality. Doing so, means the picture has to be stretched to your desired size, which means things can become blurry or pixelated, as shown below on the image to the right. It's always best to have something be too big, even if it's bigger than the size of the tattoo you actually want. We can always shrink things down while still maintaining proper quality.
Bad Resolution Image

NOT On a Real Person

It's not that these are impossible to work with, it's just that most of the time, the pictures aren't actually flat. In addition to this, because the skin has so many different shades of pigment, it can be troublesome cleanly separating the actual tattoo design from the body part. You can see below...
Picture of a Real Tattoo On Human Body