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We always love seeing the reactions on peoples' faces when they see first hand why our tattoos look so real. Our magical Tatt Be Real® Potion makes your tattoos look like they were needled in right under your skin! It also acts as a sealant, making your tattoos last upwards of a week! It's FDA approved safe and simple to apply. Use a finger to spread a thin layer over your tattoo and let dry. Best of all, every order comes with enough Tatt Be Real® Potion to make all of your tattoos come to life!

Still aren't convinced? Check out the competition when compared with ours side by side. It's obvious there just is no match...

The Competition
Tattoos With Tatt Be Real®
Snake Competition
Snake With Tatt Be Real®
Sun Competition
Sun With Tatt Be Real®
Tribal Rose Competition
Tribal Rose With Tatt Be Real®