Frequently Asked Questions

How does all this work?

It's so easy even a baby can do it! Check out the four easy steps in our How It Works page.

Is it safe?

Unlike others out there, no ink EVER touches your skin! All of our products and materials we provide are 100% safe. All of our tattoos are non-toxic and FDA compliant.

How does it look so real?

This is a two part answer. First, our proprietary materials, along with our unique production process in creating all of your tattoos, is unrivaled. Don't let anyone else fool you, they don't even come close. Our tattoos adhere and eventually fuse to your skin, becoming one with it, until you want to take them off. They also have undergone a variety of tests, and are resistant to sweat, water, and rubbing.

The second part to this answer lies in our Tatt Be Real® Potion. With it, your temporary tattoos become real. It is the secret behind the authenticity of your tattoo. Brushing on a thin layer, will make it appear as if it was needled in like the real thing. Imagine that...all the benefits of the real thing, without the pain, cost, or commitment.

When using both our products, your tattoos will look more realistic as the days go on. You'll notice that as time passes, your tattoo will look even better than when you first applied it. This is because the more time it makes contact with your skin, the more it molds to it.

I have a pic, but can I make certain parts not be printed?

No problem! We understand that not everyone is a graphic designer. We also understand that you do not need to be. Before finishing your order, you can have our graphic designers modify the pic to your liking.

What size tattoos can I request?

As a general rule, we'll never create a tattoo larger than the dimensions of the original pic you send over to us. This is because we want your tattoo to be perfect. Anytime a pic is stretched beyond its original size, things get distorted and the quality suffers. If you want a bigger tattoo, you would have to send us a bigger pic.

We have no limit on how big of a tattoo we can create.

What colors will not be printed?

Generally speaking, anything that is transparent or is of white color, will not be printed. What we mean by that is, your skin will be seen where the white or transparent colors would be.

Do you offer a money back guarantee?

Because everything is a 100% custom order, we can only offer a money back guarantee if any of our product materials are deemed defective. With that said, if for whatever reason you are not satisfied, please get in touch and we'll see what we can do.

Can I really make a custom tattoo out of anything?

Yes, it's what we're named after. Just take a pic or upload an existing one, tell us the size and quantity of prints you would like, along with if you want any further editing done to the pic by our experts, and we'll take care of the rest.

How long does it last?

Our tattoos are not absorbed into the skin. Rather, they sit on top of it. For this reason, a few things effect how long they last. Some people shed more skin than others. Placement, friction, and body hair can also play a role in the life span of the tattoo.

With that said, our tattoos last upwards of a week! We're being modest, however, since we routinely experience things lasting longer. With proper care, we have seen tattoos stay intact for over 2 weeks!

How do I apply my tattoo?

  1. Cut the tattoo as close as you can to the design.
  2. Make sure your skin is free of hair and is completely clean and dry. Use soap to clean.
  3. Peel the protective film off and place your tattoo faced down on the desired area. Press down firmly on the entire paper backing. Make sure every inch is tightly stuck onto the skin.
  4. Saturate your tattoo with room temperature water: you can either spray it, or use a wet sponge or rag. Make sure the entire paper is saturated for at least 30 seconds.
  5. SLOWLY peel off the white paper. Gently wet your tattoo one last time before patting dry with a cloth or paper towel.
  6. Shake the bottle of Tatt Be Real® Potion very well. Using the provided brush, paint a very thin layer all over your tattoo and around the edges.
  7. Let your tattoo dry. If needed, repeat Step 6 over again.
  8. Rinse and clean your brush with alcohol to preserve.

My tattoo doesn't look right. Why is it flipped?

We're not trying to play tricks on you, this is actually done on purpose. Because you're essentially going to apply the tattoo in reverse, we also need to flip the tattoo over when we prepare it. This way, one will negate the other and all balance will be restored.

How do I remove my tattoo?

Why would you want to remove it?! Just kidding. Removing it is simple. We prefer using some adhesive tape to tape over the tattoo and pull it off. You can also massage some baby oil into your tattoo so it soaks it up. From here, just scrub it off. If you don't have any baby oil, you can substitute it with conditioner, soap, or alcohol, with some added scrubbing.

What if I want to buy in bulk?

This is no problem at all. We actually have customers that buy our tattoos by the hundreds. The TV and film industry, sporting teams, schools, charities, promotional companies, and many more use our services for bulk purposes.

Contact us and we'll be happy to work something out and save you even more money.

More questions?

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